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Welcome Message

It is our humble privilege to cordially invite and welcome you all to the International Union of Materials Research Societies – International Conference in Asia – 2022 (IUMRS-ICA-2022) to be held during December 19-23, 2022 at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Jodhpur, Jodhpur, India. IUMRS-ICA-2022 is a continuation of the series of conferences among Asian MRS Members, including C-MRS, MRS-I, MRS-J, MRS-K, MRS-S, and MRS-T. This year the IUMRS ICA 2022 is organised by the Material Research Society of India (MRS-I) and IIT Jodhpur.

The program of the IUMRS-ICA-2022 consists of the emerging and cutting edge R&D topics of materials, devices, and related applications with various functional materials for Semiconductors, Energy, Organic and Flexible, 2D, Graphene and Beyond Graphene, III-V and II-VI, Computational, Optoelectronic, Biodegradable, Biomaterials, Soft, Nature Inspired, Neuro-inspired, Quantum Computing, Sensing, Emerging Memory, Biomedical, Hybrid and Biomass, Advanced Structural; and related Processing Strategies, Advanced Fabrication and Characterization, and other Materials-Related Interdisciplinary Areas.

Since the beginning of this series, this meeting has been a wonderful and exciting platform for exchange of high quality ideas and cutting-edge scientific research by the researchers and scientists from both academia and industries, helping all the stakeholders, including students and researchers for networking and collaborations. We sincerely believe that the scientists actively engaged in research of materials and devices would greatly benefit in participating in the meeting and gain deeper academic insights enabling towards developments beneficial to the society at large.

IIT Jodhpur was established in 2008 along with other second generation IITs to foster technology education and research in India. The Institute is committed to technological thought and action to benefit the economic development of India. IIT Jodhpur functions from its sprawling residential Permanent Campus of 852 acres, located on the outskirts of the city of Jodhpur on National Highway 62, about 24 km from the railway station and 25 km from the airport. It takes approximately 45 and 40 minutes to drive from airport and railway station to the Institute, respectively.

Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination, featuring many palaces, forts, and temples, set in the stark landscape of the Thar Desert. It is popularly known as the “Blue City” among people of Rajasthan and all over India. Mehrangarh, the mighty muscular fort that towers over the Blue City of Jodhpur, is a magnificent spectacle and an architectural masterpiece. Around Mehrangarh’s base, the blue old city stretches out to the 6-mile-long (10km), 16th-century wall of the old city. Jodhpur is very well connected by air, rail and road to all major cities of the country. November to February is the most favoured time for visiting Jodhpur City and Around. Osian (~1 hr drive) Jaisalmer Sand Dunes (~5 hr drive) are the easily reachable places from Jodhpur if you wish to get the feel of famous Thar Desert in winter. There are many more attractions nearby if you are willing to spend some extra time here.

The Organizing Committee of the IUMRS-ICA-2022 truly believes that it will be an absolutely great opportunity for you to gain not only the academic insights but also the diverse Indian culture and life styles which will be eventually broadened to the Asian cultures by the participants coming from all over the Asian countries.

We are looking forward to warmly welcoming you to IUMRS-ICA 2022 at IIT Jodhpur.

Your truly,

Mahesh Kumar (Chair)
Shree Prakash Tiwari (Co-Chair)